Saturday, February 19, 2011

Movie Day Saturday

Today I spent probably majority of the day watching movies. Since my eye is not feeling well and I couldn't really go out and do much because there was a block meeting on my street and I am still super tired and coughy...
I saw three movies I have never seen before:
1. A Walk In The Clouds
2. Home Alone 2... not my fav.
3. My Girl

So number one and number three I loved. <3 good films!

A charming film, I have actually seen a bollywood movie version of this so when I watched this movie I was pretty happily suprised that it was the exact same type of movie with a different story line but same plot. I loved the main guy Keanu Reeves.  Very Sweet.

Super cute film, made me cry in the end.  Anna Chlumsky I have declared the best child acctress, she was adorable in this movie and just a tallented bundle of sunshine, such a beautiful little girl in the movie. She fit perfectly into the roles mold and played with amazing emotion for being just a young girl! I also fell in love with Macaulay Culkin in this movie who I have never been such a fan of, but I thought he was great in this!!

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