Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"If I can not dance, I shall die!" -Anna Pavlova

I shot the LOVELY Mia the other day and Jamie came along too whining and complaining but I managed to get him to pose for a couple shots as well.   I think they turned out really good!
All Photography is mine, copyright SFP (Sigrid Forsythe Pictures).

As for my fair lady audition call backs and then EVEN second call backs and such... I did NOT get Eliza, however I am in the musical in the ensemble.  I am a little disappointed but at the same time I am very happy how well I did in the auditions and call backs.  I really did my personal best!  And it was a big compliment and honor to be one of the three girls to be seriously considered for such a big lead. Plus being in the ensemble lets me have time to really work on basic vocal techniques as well as DANCE a lot hopefully!   I cant wait to meet all the people in the cast and I am really psyched for a great run!
In all it was a really great first week of college having opportunity to audition for a lead! =)

How are all of you doing?



Sunday, August 28, 2011

Audition weekend #1 : My Fair Lady

Picture from google search

I got done with auditions (for NOW).  And it has been such a great experience for me! The more auditions I go to the better for my future Broadway career! <3 

On Saturday I had my first audition and it went very well, I sang tonight, and they must have thought I was good because I got a call back for vocals! 
So today I went to the call backs and was in a group with maybe five other girls and they made us sing three of Eliza's songs from the musical.  Wouldn't it be loverly (my favorite), I could have danced all night, and Show me.  Then we performed them on stage.  I did pretty good with those too and they I did some cold readings in my cockney Eliza accent.
It seems it was a very successful audition because today I was with the last group of people to leave and they said they will probably need to do second call backs so we will stay posted! I will let you know more about how it goes! 

As for my singing!  It went better and better, the first time nerves can get the best of me but after I am on stage for a bit I just relax more and more.  The only things nerves do to my voice is make it a little more shakey on the long holds. 

Love Sigrid 
Happy four minutes to Monday! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011


When we had our graduation week in Sweden at the begginging of the summer we were all going to dress up like gods and I was Medusa! My friends ... well see if you can guess what kinda of gods they are!
(gods of ANYTHING)

It is about time that I posted these pictures!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ballet Wednesdays #18

a lovely photo I stumbled upon! aren't those the best kinds? :)

a wonderful website! 

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Go and tackle the rest of the week!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tonight, tonight

SOOOOO I have picked an audition song! Finally! Well my fabulous new voice teacher Susan helped :)
TONIGHT! From West Side Story!  Simple, clean, and good in range!

Other things that are new with me would have to be my growing and growing obsession with Shirley Jones, every time I see Oklahoma or anything she is in I just love her more! She is stunningly beautiful, can sing like a song bird, and makes me happy!

Photos from Google Images

Other news... Oh I sprained my ankle... really bad... first time in my life.  You'd think me being a dancer and all that it would have happened more but it hasn't! I was dancing at the studio and then I landed wrong and skidded my foot and it curled and popped and all sorts of ugly things!  Its all bruised and ugly and I went to the doctor to get an equally ugly chunky boot to keep me from dying when I walk on it! Perfect timing what with auditions coming up in a week... UGH!!! 

DoNOT feel sorry for me though, I will have none of that! chin up & moving forward to the next topic! 

My new youtube video: 
Made it today!

Happy End of Summer, I dont know about u, but for me school starts on MONDAY! I am nervous! 

Love,  Sigrid

Dancing Singing and Dreaming :)  Minus the dancing with my sprained ankle! 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

In a Disney land

photos from google images
who is your favorite of these? 

Some lovely ladies of disney!
Speaking of Disney.... guess where I will be in 2 days?!


Yes I am going with mom and bro to Disneyland because it was a bribe for him finishing his summer reading assignments on time! Lucky little butt, and lucky me that I get to go too! :) Also I am getting ready to audition for Regional Bay Area auditions as well as auditions for my fair lady <3 hope it goes well! Its in the next week or two.

Happppyyy last days of summer all ya'll!



 dancing singing and dreaming of disneyland! (the happiest place on earth don't cha know?)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Billy Elliot the Musical

We were born to booogie! <3 

One of the best scenes <3 

Kylend Hetherington

So the show was amazing! :) we got cheap rush tickets and good seats! <3 I have to say it was everything and more that I had hoped it would be!  I laughed cried and was totally hypnotized by the dancing.  Such a beautiful stage production! And the billy I saw; Kylend Hetherington, was amazing.  He was such a cutie, and he could dance beautifully and sing and act.  I loved him, and I was seriously jealous that he was getting a standing ovation for a lead roll in a Broadway show at the age of thirteen! NO FAIR! But then again he deserves it! Great show! AHHHH GREAT SHOW!!!!!

for those of you who don't know, I am obsessed with broadway musical t-shirts! Every show I have gone to I have a t-shirt for, EXCEPT the littler mermaid, and my first show, Phantom. :'( gonna have to get those. :) Glad to add this one to my collection! <3 

(pictures from google images, and my pics the last two) 


Sigrid, dancing singing and 
dreaming (of broadway even more now)

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Our last night in Arizona there was a huge monsoon.  Rain, lightning, and thunder! In the heat of the night the whole group of the wedding party sat outside under a covered area and ate a beautiful dinner whilst admiring the lightning! (all pics taken by me of course! (it took a while to get good shots))!!!

me being to lazy to edit out those annoying lights in the lightning shots... sorry :) haha
No picture stealing please <3

Love Sigrid

dancing singing and dreaming

Friday, August 5, 2011


Alice's Adventures In Wonderland! 
Choreography: Christopher Weeldon! (one of my favorite choreographers)
Score by: Jody Talbot!
Year: 2011

photos from tumblr and google images

I love this ballet more than any other ballet I have ever seen because, it is a great story of Alice, fantasy full and fun which I love (it's very meee), the best ballet score I have ever heard.  Beautiful costumes and scenery! And astounding modern and classic choreography all jumbled up in a strangely aesthetically pleasing way thanks to Mr. Weeldon! <3 He just always seems to impress me and leave me breathless with his work! God I love him!  The colors and funniness of the ballet is wonderful! It truly looks like a wonderland.  ( I love the Queen Of Hearts Too)!!! Her dance is the best! (last picture).