Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dream 4/28/12

Last night I dreamt that Beyonce cut my hair.  I know....I have really weird dreams.  She put extensions in it, bleached it and then dyed it blue like pastel blue.  She cut bangs which were surprisingly really straight, however she left a section of them uncut, which was crazy looking. My hair extensions were so long which I love, I really want longer hair, it went all the way down to my hips.  But she styled it and put it up so it was like a weird kind of funky modern Asian hairstyle.
I took it down later and was wearing my bangs like normal bangs, and I was complaining to everyone in my dream how I spent like 500 dollars to have Beyonce cut my hair and she messed up anyway!
I really wanted to dye my hair pastel pink, which, in my dream, happened at one point.  It was strange.
Then I was waiting for Jonah and we went to celebrate some holiday I don't remember what.  But he was waiting outside for the longest time so I finally went inside to the restaurant or whatever we were going to.  Hours later I am sitting at a table and finishing up my food alone, and I walk out.  As I am leaving I pass by a table and I see Jonah is sitting there with a bunch of friends and I am seriously mad.
Later on in the dream I bitch him out. :) Story of my life.  He slaps himself for me. All's well that ends well.
I also dreamt something about talking to India about joining anti stress groups that travel to the beach and have fun activities.  And I also dreamt something about a courtyard, and people throwing ice... I don't remember.
Anyway I am going to eat breakfast now.  Watch Twilight Zone with Mags.  And then later today Sweeney Todd! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

makeup, chicago, and new things, 30 days left...

Since my last few posts, and since My Fair Lady, I have done the show Chicago ( which is shown a little in the last four photos).  The first few photos of me, are for my makeup class that I am taking this semester! It has been such a fun class and I enjoy being creative and getting to think up designs.  Plus the class is with Maryanne.. what could be better?!

In other news, I am doing a couple of shows this summer that I am very excited about.  Sweet Charity and A Chorus Line.

And then as next year approaches I am gearing up to audition for Beauty and the Beast... we will see how everything plays out.

And in other OTHER news... I AM GOING TO DISNEYLAND IN 30 DAYS!!! (in an hour it will be 29!!) With my bff India who is a disney crazed chick needless to say!  I have been dying to go to Disneyland since I left there after my last trip!

I haven't blogged on here in a long time because I have FOUR Different Tumlbrs... I know ... it is kind of getting out of control... but tumbling is sooo fun!
check them out if you please:         --Disney!!!           ---Pretty Things!!!            ----Makeup/fashion!!!

and then the fourth one is just a blocked tumlbr where I post some of my really good photos I have taken... nothing too special from the fourth one.  But those three are all different !! CHeck em out!

I will try to post on here more often now!