Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dream 4/28/12

Last night I dreamt that Beyonce cut my hair.  I know....I have really weird dreams.  She put extensions in it, bleached it and then dyed it blue like pastel blue.  She cut bangs which were surprisingly really straight, however she left a section of them uncut, which was crazy looking. My hair extensions were so long which I love, I really want longer hair, it went all the way down to my hips.  But she styled it and put it up so it was like a weird kind of funky modern Asian hairstyle.
I took it down later and was wearing my bangs like normal bangs, and I was complaining to everyone in my dream how I spent like 500 dollars to have Beyonce cut my hair and she messed up anyway!
I really wanted to dye my hair pastel pink, which, in my dream, happened at one point.  It was strange.
Then I was waiting for Jonah and we went to celebrate some holiday I don't remember what.  But he was waiting outside for the longest time so I finally went inside to the restaurant or whatever we were going to.  Hours later I am sitting at a table and finishing up my food alone, and I walk out.  As I am leaving I pass by a table and I see Jonah is sitting there with a bunch of friends and I am seriously mad.
Later on in the dream I bitch him out. :) Story of my life.  He slaps himself for me. All's well that ends well.
I also dreamt something about talking to India about joining anti stress groups that travel to the beach and have fun activities.  And I also dreamt something about a courtyard, and people throwing ice... I don't remember.
Anyway I am going to eat breakfast now.  Watch Twilight Zone with Mags.  And then later today Sweeney Todd! 

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