Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So I got CAT!
My aunt dropped off her cat at my grandmas house today... because she is getting older and showing more signs of wanting to start mating... and well there are non neutered male cats at the house too, that they are in the process of selling. Long story short, My Lady, she is staying with us this week or for a few days. :)
I love cats so much. She is so cute! :)

Monday, November 29, 2010


I want a cat of this breed! I think it is stunning! <3 ( and I definitely wouldn't mind owning those shoes too) :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010


No needing to dream of a white christmas this year. Me being in Sweden has made those dreams come true. Right now we are having very heavy record early snow.  My grandma says that it hasn't snowed like this so early! It is so beautiful.  White snow and christmas lights, the most perfect combination.  The only problem is that is it getting very cold, and me being a California girl here in Sweden, well... I am really not a cali girl... the only thing that makes me one is that I live there. But we never have such cold, and such snow. NEVER. So being here is really fun, but also... hard! I will keep posting about how I am surviving the cold. hopefully with scarves and tea!

I really want this hood scarf. gah! It looks sooooo warm! from forever21

Saturday, November 27, 2010

my first time at lush

so today was my first trip to the store lush... which everyone is always raving about on youtube.
What did I think of it ?????

 I liked it. Once I start using the things I got I will be able to give more reviews but for now this is what I thought about the store. Everyone was really nice who worked there, but I felt like I just wanted to look around and smell some of the products but every time I would just go somewhere in the small store there would be someone working there asking me if I needed help. I dont know about you, but personally I like shopping without people asking me questions all the time, like do you need help? are you finding everything alright? are you looking for something in particular? IT gets annoying! Also I wanted to give my nose a rest, I could not smell all of the products after a while because it was just too overwhelming with all of the scents. After a while everything started to smell the same. OVERPRICED... yeah. Haha. But I liked the store. Cute packaging. Cute colors, and nice smells. Oh I almost forgot. I love the fact that everything is like handmade and vegan and no animal testing and all like natural ingredients! 

jewels jewels

Jag Vill Bli Någon

I want to be someone.
I want to be a dancer, a singer, an artist.
I am a dancer.
I am a singer.
I am an artist.

Crayons. Lead. Charcoal. Tape. Wax. Powder. Brushes. Lipstick. Pearls. Paper. Snow. hands. feet. Movement.

with these and more- I create.

Left hand. to  right hand. does it matter which.

canon rebels.
books, pens, erasers.
dance. dance till your feet give out and your muscles give up.

heres to art,  heres to creation and creativity. heres to crafters and dreamers.

me dancing as always
a drawing by me

Friday, November 26, 2010

Favorite Actors

Keira Knightley
her best films: Pride and Prejudice 

Helena Bonham Carter
her best films: Harry Potter Films
Sweeney Todd
Big Fish 

Emma Watson
her best films: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 1

Johnny Depp
his best films: Pirates
Edward Scissorhands
Sweeney Todd

Gene Kelly 
his best films: Singing In the Rain 

Jennifer Hudson 
her best films: Dreamgirls
Secret life of bees

for the time being these are just some of my favorites, actors that have all moved me with their amazing talents. <3 

Dedicated to the greatest house elf

One of the greatest friends a wizard or muggle could have.  I am truely sad about the death of Dobby the house elf.  I cried my eyes out.  There could not have been a more giving, caring friend in all the world.  Dobby did everything in his power to help Harry, even when he didn't need to... always when he didn't need to. He went against the norm.  He was Dobby, independent, free, strong, and he always stood up for things he believed in.
Dobby will always be the bravest in my eyes. Always having a positive outlook on everything thinkable. With his last words.. "what a lovely place to  be with friends"... He will always be alive in my heart. 
Here is to Dobby.  I love you and your drive and heroicness.  You really are one of the best characters.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Starting Fresh. body battle!!

Well I logged onto my blog today to find that all my old posts had vanished.  I think I can get them back... BUT this gives me a good opportunity to start fresh. Right now I am listening to my just downloaded tracks, Only Girl, by Rihanna, I like her voice, it is very unique and spunky.
Gr... My hamstring is killing me... I am almost dreading to go to bed tonight because I know I will not get any sleep because my left leg will be cramping all night. Did I mention my hip is hurting too. I seriously feel like an old person.

All my life I have been battling with my body, it never wants to work with me... but just argue and oppose me! When I was younger I had strep throat... every month... and not the kind where u just get a fever and are really contageous... oh no no no... the kind where I threw up non stop.  I had that for years and years until fourth grade when I got my tonsils taken out.  Then I had my problem with my adnoids (a gland behind the nose) basically I had never been able to breath through my nose my whole life... until 7th grade when I got those taken out.  THEN... my jaw problem started... and my hamstring, and there are a million other problems that I have had with my body...

-excessive growing pains
-my hamstring problems... which started a few years ago... WHOOPIE its back... sarcasm. :'(
-Horrible eyesight
-crooked teeth... even after five years of braces
-jaw problem... STILL after like five years...
-light asthma

I'm sure there is more... sigh.. Just having to deal with all of these things that are really holding me back... well it gets me down... BUT this post is too sad and negative so enough of me fighting my body!
Now I am gonna list things that I like about my body!

-My height! Six feet baby! (that is about 183cm)
-My green eyes... like Harry Potter :)
-My long legs
-My big hands and long fingers good for piano playing
-My tiny ears
-My nose

So I guess there will always be positive and negative.  I will have to love myself the way I am, and even if I have to fight my body... I know one day it will not be so rebellious and begin to make agreements with me... even let me have my way sometimes. That will be the day.