Thursday, November 25, 2010

Starting Fresh. body battle!!

Well I logged onto my blog today to find that all my old posts had vanished.  I think I can get them back... BUT this gives me a good opportunity to start fresh. Right now I am listening to my just downloaded tracks, Only Girl, by Rihanna, I like her voice, it is very unique and spunky.
Gr... My hamstring is killing me... I am almost dreading to go to bed tonight because I know I will not get any sleep because my left leg will be cramping all night. Did I mention my hip is hurting too. I seriously feel like an old person.

All my life I have been battling with my body, it never wants to work with me... but just argue and oppose me! When I was younger I had strep throat... every month... and not the kind where u just get a fever and are really contageous... oh no no no... the kind where I threw up non stop.  I had that for years and years until fourth grade when I got my tonsils taken out.  Then I had my problem with my adnoids (a gland behind the nose) basically I had never been able to breath through my nose my whole life... until 7th grade when I got those taken out.  THEN... my jaw problem started... and my hamstring, and there are a million other problems that I have had with my body...

-excessive growing pains
-my hamstring problems... which started a few years ago... WHOOPIE its back... sarcasm. :'(
-Horrible eyesight
-crooked teeth... even after five years of braces
-jaw problem... STILL after like five years...
-light asthma

I'm sure there is more... sigh.. Just having to deal with all of these things that are really holding me back... well it gets me down... BUT this post is too sad and negative so enough of me fighting my body!
Now I am gonna list things that I like about my body!

-My height! Six feet baby! (that is about 183cm)
-My green eyes... like Harry Potter :)
-My long legs
-My big hands and long fingers good for piano playing
-My tiny ears
-My nose

So I guess there will always be positive and negative.  I will have to love myself the way I am, and even if I have to fight my body... I know one day it will not be so rebellious and begin to make agreements with me... even let me have my way sometimes. That will be the day.

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