Sunday, November 28, 2010


No needing to dream of a white christmas this year. Me being in Sweden has made those dreams come true. Right now we are having very heavy record early snow.  My grandma says that it hasn't snowed like this so early! It is so beautiful.  White snow and christmas lights, the most perfect combination.  The only problem is that is it getting very cold, and me being a California girl here in Sweden, well... I am really not a cali girl... the only thing that makes me one is that I live there. But we never have such cold, and such snow. NEVER. So being here is really fun, but also... hard! I will keep posting about how I am surviving the cold. hopefully with scarves and tea!

I really want this hood scarf. gah! It looks sooooo warm! from forever21

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  1. I think that hood scarf looks like a dementor. with a white face.