Saturday, November 27, 2010

my first time at lush

so today was my first trip to the store lush... which everyone is always raving about on youtube.
What did I think of it ?????

 I liked it. Once I start using the things I got I will be able to give more reviews but for now this is what I thought about the store. Everyone was really nice who worked there, but I felt like I just wanted to look around and smell some of the products but every time I would just go somewhere in the small store there would be someone working there asking me if I needed help. I dont know about you, but personally I like shopping without people asking me questions all the time, like do you need help? are you finding everything alright? are you looking for something in particular? IT gets annoying! Also I wanted to give my nose a rest, I could not smell all of the products after a while because it was just too overwhelming with all of the scents. After a while everything started to smell the same. OVERPRICED... yeah. Haha. But I liked the store. Cute packaging. Cute colors, and nice smells. Oh I almost forgot. I love the fact that everything is like handmade and vegan and no animal testing and all like natural ingredients! 

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