Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jag Vill Bli Någon

I want to be someone.
I want to be a dancer, a singer, an artist.
I am a dancer.
I am a singer.
I am an artist.

Crayons. Lead. Charcoal. Tape. Wax. Powder. Brushes. Lipstick. Pearls. Paper. Snow. hands. feet. Movement.

with these and more- I create.

Left hand. to  right hand. does it matter which.

canon rebels.
books, pens, erasers.
dance. dance till your feet give out and your muscles give up.

heres to art,  heres to creation and creativity. heres to crafters and dreamers.

me dancing as always
a drawing by me


  1. Beautiful painting Sigrid.
    Jag tycker om din blogg! Den är jättefin.

    / Kram Lina

  2. <3 TACK sÅ MYCKET lina. oi va snäll du är!