Monday, May 30, 2011

MUSIKAL TIME !!! stolen pictures

So I stole these pics from facebook, Linns album, and from blogs that I will name at the end of the post!
Here are pics of where I have been and why I have been so busy for the last week! :)





Thursday, May 26, 2011


Photos Thanks to Lydia! :) the beautiful girl pictured above! I took some as well which will be added later on! 

So the pictures here are from our school cub tournament and I may post even more but we will see. My team... Viktoria, Olle, Erika and I were all hippies! :) Whenever we get the chance to dress up we do! Anyways it was really fun our team name was LOVE, hence the pics where we make up the word love... if you spotted that!  I think it is pretty obvious we say love! I am proud of us. 
AS FOR THE TOURNAMENT! We won the first game! Lost the second... so we didn't win...we didn't even come close to the final round. But it was still fun anyways!

I am so annoyed cuz because my pictures are high quality canon pics... they take a million years to load onto the blog! Hence making me not want to post because it takes a day to load like twenty pics! :( 
MEHHH Annoying!
So our school musical is premiering tomorrow... or rather today....!!! :) 
to buy tickets clicky the linky HERE !!!

Monday, May 23, 2011


So NEWS!!!
Last Saturday  I had my dance show... so I need to go and cross that off my to do list on here.
On Friday my dad arrived in SWEDEN! :) Right now he is sleeping on the floor beside me as I type this and listen to Mr. Mistoffolees from Cats <3. He sleeps all the time... lazy bum. But I love him.
Also on Friday I played the Swedish game cub. It was fun.  I am not very good at it, but I had fun anyways... our team was hippies.  We dressed up. I will post about it.
I still need to post Berlin Pictures too! GAH

Anyways this week is the SCHOOL musical.  I am in it so I will probably not post about Berlin or cub or anything for a while.. we will see if I get an extra minute!


Here is a picture that Anna Brink took at Cub.  I found it on her blog... which I discovered is crazy amazing. She is so great at photography.  Every picture of hers is clean and beautiful and really professional looking.  Click HERE for Anna's Blog. Also she has the cutest dog ever!!!! gah!
I will be posting pictures of her and her doggy that I took.. soon ! :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Birthday Suggestions

I won't call this a wishlist... just birthday suggestions/things I am liking and want!

Converse Light! Preferable the light purple ones or these black ones.

Which color do you like better???

Jeffrey Campbells... not because everyone has them though... only cuz they are tall pretty and pink!

Ukelele ... don't ask me why... I just want to start playing one =)

Peir 1 hayworth jewelry armoire

Image found on Autilas blog

Shorts: MONKI
I am fully aware that like half the pictures are of shoes. . . but I like shoes... =) haha what can I say.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

♡ A Tribute To Dooney ♡

At two o'clock today(California time) Dooney left this world and moved on to a happier place.  Dooney lived a great life.  I will miss him very much.  I will miss his saggy eyes and his dry nose, his leathery tongue, and toothless mouth.  I will miss his paddling legs as he flies up the stairs.  I will miss him in entirety, every last bit of him.  The sweetest dog, with the greatest life in the Forsythe family, being pampered with thirty different collars with thirty matching leashes, and matching hats.  Working at Altimira Veterinary hospital and winning Best Business Mascot in the Sonoma Sun.  Dooney is a celebrity dog in our little town of Sonoma.  Everyone will miss his comforting presence in the hospital. 

 I love you so much Dooney but you will never be gone, you are always with me guiding and protecting me, along with Butterworth, Buttercookie, and Muffincakes.  I am so sad I couldn't be there with you to hold your hand and say goodbye.  But I prayed for you to hear my goodbye from Sweden and that I love you.  The good lord taketh and the good lord giveth away.  I know you are happy now.  

feel free to click this link and go to Dooney's Fan page and leave some loving thoughts.


A Confession to my Viktor Rolf Obsession

So these pictures that I am posting are a mixture of the Spring 2008 Viktor Rolf Collection, with the Violins, and a mixture of the Spring 2010 collection which is cut out tool and sidways dresses. =) ENJOY.

this model is so sickeningly skinny but I love the dress design!

His eccentric style and outgoingness is totally inspiring. I love all the crazy cut outs, holes, and strange sideways, verticle and upside down skirts. I for one want a violin collar. ALSO, is it just me? or do the tool dresses look like they did this to it:

Images from google images.