Thursday, May 26, 2011


Photos Thanks to Lydia! :) the beautiful girl pictured above! I took some as well which will be added later on! 

So the pictures here are from our school cub tournament and I may post even more but we will see. My team... Viktoria, Olle, Erika and I were all hippies! :) Whenever we get the chance to dress up we do! Anyways it was really fun our team name was LOVE, hence the pics where we make up the word love... if you spotted that!  I think it is pretty obvious we say love! I am proud of us. 
AS FOR THE TOURNAMENT! We won the first game! Lost the second... so we didn't win...we didn't even come close to the final round. But it was still fun anyways!

I am so annoyed cuz because my pictures are high quality canon pics... they take a million years to load onto the blog! Hence making me not want to post because it takes a day to load like twenty pics! :( 
MEHHH Annoying!
So our school musical is premiering tomorrow... or rather today....!!! :) 
to buy tickets clicky the linky HERE !!!

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