Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Sweet Treat

I have definitely NEVER had any perfume like this before.  I usually never have perfume on either.  The most perfume I have used is my little tiny juicy couture one.  So I was so excited when my dad sent me this from his trip to Paris with a friend a few weeks back.  I love my dad so much and I am missing him so badly here in Sweden.  Luckily he is going to come and visit me at the end of the month!  He knows exactly what I love and my taste! <3

Miss Dior Cherie!!! This scent, I would just like to say,... is magnificent. AND the reason why my dad got it for me is because it is Natalie Portmans new scent, or rather she is the one campaigning it or something like that.  And he knows how much of a fan I am of hers.

I love it so much! And the reason why I love Natalie Portman so much is because of Black Swan.  I havn't made a post about black swan in a long time but maybe soon I will post some more pictures. Anyways here is a GORGEOUS picture of Natalie that I stumbled upon in a blog that I love called Fiction Living.

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