Sunday, May 1, 2011


So I recently discovered the website which has really cute clothes! AND reasonable prices, especially with the sale.  OH AND they have cute accessories too!  I will have the link to the website at the bottom of the post.  And no, they havnt payed me to advertise, I have no contact with them.  But it would be cool to get paid for that! haha! =)  Here are some of my favorite finds:

As you can tell Right now I am becoming obsessed with romantic laces, tool, and light pink anything! 
I am such a girly girl! =) 

click here to gojane! =) they have really cute things! 


  1. Oh my goodnesssssss! The questionable things I would do for these pieces are probably better left unsaid... haha, you have such a good eye for style girl! Seriously, lovin' all of these.

  2. hahahha thanks and I KNOW right!>.< such cute things