Monday, May 16, 2011

To Do List

1. Write Van Gough Report
2. Find the right cords for the chorus of my song I wrote.
3. Finish Choreography for Schyssta Saker.
4. Buy dad and mormor tickets for my dance show this Saturday.
5. Dance Show on the 21. two performances.
6. Learn a classical song so I can sing it in the concert.
7. Memorize and set everything for the musical.
8. Memorize everything for 10 minute project.
9. Write down choreography for törnrosas dröm.
10. Sketch Esras tattoo design.
11. Bead the rest of Ebbas ring.
12. Bead an animal for Aunts key ring.
13. Song practice with Malin, on thursday at 14:15 I think...
14. Sew my damn pointe shoes.
15. Send letters to Laura and Sofie.
16. Sketch the final draft of Esras tattoo.
17. MUSICAL! premier on the 27th.
18. Study for the math test in three days.
19. Bead Olle's bow tie.

I am stressed. All the things I need to do! =( MEHHHHH

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