Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Confession to my Viktor Rolf Obsession

So these pictures that I am posting are a mixture of the Spring 2008 Viktor Rolf Collection, with the Violins, and a mixture of the Spring 2010 collection which is cut out tool and sidways dresses. =) ENJOY.

this model is so sickeningly skinny but I love the dress design!

His eccentric style and outgoingness is totally inspiring. I love all the crazy cut outs, holes, and strange sideways, verticle and upside down skirts. I for one want a violin collar. ALSO, is it just me? or do the tool dresses look like they did this to it:

Images from google images.

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  1. I'm definitely buying the violin collar one for my next concert attendance. And someone needs to give those girls some pizza, stat!!