Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sometimes I wish that I could freeze the picture, and save it from the funny tricks of time.

My idea for these photos was that one is the image of me looking out of the window, and one is the image of what I am looking at/seeing.  (If you are thinking... wow did she just wake up... ew... it is because I did... =) haha sorry for the messy everything! <3)

So you guys ever think in pictures? Let me explain... Do you ever think when you ride your bike or go somewhere and then you suddenly see something and you think, that would be a beautiful picture.  Sometimes just like the amazing lyrics of ABBA, (from mamma mia) I wish I would freeze the picture.  Sometimes life can be so beautiful and most of those times... just my luck.. there is no camera in my hand.

Do you love photography? I do.
Do you love ABBA? I do.

PS.... today I got my second wisdom tooth on the top taken out.  It keeps bleeding and bleeding! GAh!
PSS. . thankyou for my recent followers! I love when people follow me and comment! I love reading comments on commenting back on your blog! <3 so say hi if you want!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ballet Wednesday #11

La danse - Le ballet de l'Opéra de Paris

images found on google images
Yesterday I watched this amazing documentary about the Paris Opera Ballet.  I had been meaning to see it forever now! And it was playing on tv.  I loved seeing all of the different choreography and peices they worked on in the film. 
All you dancers out their if you havn't seen it yet I would suggest you do! And people who aren't dancers but can appreciate the art of ballet and morden comtemporary ballet should watch it as well!

I definitly got goosbumps during on the the last dances.  This woman is dancing on stage with two children also on stage sitting in front of her.  She danced with such feeling, and then in the end she picks up a bucked and the kids stand up and she starts throwing red liquidy paint stuff at them.  They lay their on the floor with buckets on their heads, dead, and she moves, lost in a world of her own.

Hope you all are having a great week! Happy Wednesday! Next Wednesday I am going to on my way to BERLIN!! =) yay!

Love Sigrid

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Meet Me In A Golden Dream

I think one of my biggest photography and fashion inspirations is MONKI ads!  They always have the most interesting, confusing, and fun styling.  Their clothes are amzing.  I would buy the whole store if I had money!  I wish they had Monki in the States.... I guess I will just have to spend all my extra change on monki clothes! And ebay it, maybe. Lol. 
Anyways this is an old shoot, recently old, and it is called Meet Me In A Golden Dream!
I love it so much how they spray painted golden accents on shoes and bags.  It is amazing, because they almost look even better that way!!!
Monki clothes to me are more like art, and Monki photo shoots are very very artsy! I LOVE IT!

Hope you all had a great Easter and a great easter weekend! =) I know I did!

Friday, April 22, 2011

everything is reborn

I think the last pictures is by far the greatest.   As I was sitting in the grass on my grandmas colorful blanket, I did a double take at these funny misfit blades of grass.  Do you see why they amuse me?   Tiny little twirls like a cork screw or pig tail.  Simple things like this can put a smile to my face, instantly.

Anyways so this was the first day of Spring to me.  The flowers were blossoming, bumble bee's were buzzing around everywhere, the sun was shining and it was so warm outside.  Everything, it feels like, has been reborn now that the snow has melted and winter is just a memory.  I love this weather and have come to miss it with all the snow we have had in Sweden for months now.  Even though rain is my favorite I do love when the sun shines and the grass is green, and flowers are in bloom everywhere. 

That said, me being outside entails that I wear plenty of sunscreen all over so that I don't get tan.  I want to remain pale over the summer.  And it also means summer clothes which I have been longing for.  On this particular day I was wearing rehearsal clothes, a big but thin sweatshirt, and leggings with shorts on top.  The black tights leggings made the sun seep through making the backs of my legs very warm as I laid on the blanket.  I took my camera and started taking pictures.  I also wrote a few poems outside.  I like writing poetry outside, call it cliché but it makes me happy and inspired!

all the pictures taken by me. Happy spring and Happy Easter Everyone 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

a little bit of wisdom gone

So today I went to the densist KLOCKAN 13:00. And they fixed a cavity..... was was on the upper left side of my mouth, and then they pulled out that wisdom tooth also.  It is very strange to have teeth pulled when you are fully conscious.  Very strange.  You can hear and feel it as they pull it out, the grinding... but then again, you can't feel anything at all.   

That is the good thing about the dentist, they make your mouth numb... the downside is, it stays numb for a LONG TIME! And don't even get me started about the big bleeding hole in my mouth.  It just won't ever stop bleeding!!!  As I am writing this post about three or more hours since they numbed me I am still numb.  I hate not being able to feel my mouth and lips, haha.

As for easter.... haha what a wonderful easter weekend this will be!  Hello mashed potatos, and icecream.  Anything soft.  And GOODBYE CANDY.  I have decided to say farewell to the amount of candy intake... and reduce it to a small... goodie at the most... once a week!  What?!?! Sigrid... you will never be strong enough to manage!!! Oh I know...... but I WILL TRY!!!!!!
I just don't want anymore holes in my teeth.
Next week they are going to fix another cavity, and then, on the sixteenth of May...the other top wisdom tooth comes out.  I don't even want to start thinking about when and how they are going to take out the lower ones.  But that is for a later date a much later date!

Happy Easter everyone!!
I dont know about you but I think instead of those creepy scary Easter Bunnies that sit in malls for children to take their picture with, we should have Lady Gaga!  Who is with me!

Glad Påsk!
iMAGE thanks to Tumblr!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Old Hollywood

Elizabeth Taylor

Marilyn Monroe

Gene Tierney

Marilyn Monroe

Elizabeth Taylor

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Elizabeth Taylor

Gene Tierney

Gene Tierney

And Lucille Ball

(photos found on google images)

          When I think old Hollywood, I think of the word, Glamorous, in every meaning of the word.  These old movie stars and inspirational women all represent the meaning Glamorous.  Beautiful body figures. Shaped eyebrows penciled in with perfection.  Stunning hair with a curly wispy wave to it.  Glowing skin, not a thing out of place.
           And lets not forget the glothes, vintage beautiful fashion.  Classy, Charming, and all together stunning.  These old movie stars are not forgotten for their looks, fashion, personalities and more. 
          As for my life, tomorrow I have a performance for a little movie premier showing student made films, the show is called Film Freaks.  My class, being the performers that we are are doing an opening number medley, and a closing dance number with a bit of song! It is going to be great!  The problem is... I AM SICK!  Well not completely, but I have a man voice and my throat feels funny.  That is what is so annoying, I can tell there is something wrong, but It isn't a full on flu or anything like that.
           Just the same that is what is going on tomorrow! I hope I get some pictures to post on here! =)

LOVE Sigrid

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ballet Wednesday #9

Image found on facebook
Ballet Arizona's Tzu-Chia Huang and Russell Clark

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Life, a little random and crazy like me

Trippy Pic Right...? I love GAGA!
CATS MAKEUP! =) I like this pic!

I miss ballet so much, and being thin! =( Here I am just taking JAZZ, but I need ballet to be whole!

The best pic of a Giraffe!

Me singing in School! Pappa Can You Hear Me? From Yentl

I auditioned for SWEDISH IDOL!

I want to play the ukelele! =) wishing for it for my bday!

My Feel-Good Favorite Movie!

Roger's and Hammerstien's Cinderella
When ever I am feeling down or blue, or whenever I want to be happy, or whenever I am bored, or just whenever... I watch this movie! It is the best! =) The costumes, the music, the cast, and set, EVERYTHING is just stunning and amazing and beautiful! 
Paolo who plays the prince is so handsome it is crazy! Brandy is so beautiful that everyone is jealous, and well, Whitney Houston and Bernadette Peters... they are legends!