Friday, April 22, 2011

everything is reborn

I think the last pictures is by far the greatest.   As I was sitting in the grass on my grandmas colorful blanket, I did a double take at these funny misfit blades of grass.  Do you see why they amuse me?   Tiny little twirls like a cork screw or pig tail.  Simple things like this can put a smile to my face, instantly.

Anyways so this was the first day of Spring to me.  The flowers were blossoming, bumble bee's were buzzing around everywhere, the sun was shining and it was so warm outside.  Everything, it feels like, has been reborn now that the snow has melted and winter is just a memory.  I love this weather and have come to miss it with all the snow we have had in Sweden for months now.  Even though rain is my favorite I do love when the sun shines and the grass is green, and flowers are in bloom everywhere. 

That said, me being outside entails that I wear plenty of sunscreen all over so that I don't get tan.  I want to remain pale over the summer.  And it also means summer clothes which I have been longing for.  On this particular day I was wearing rehearsal clothes, a big but thin sweatshirt, and leggings with shorts on top.  The black tights leggings made the sun seep through making the backs of my legs very warm as I laid on the blanket.  I took my camera and started taking pictures.  I also wrote a few poems outside.  I like writing poetry outside, call it cliché but it makes me happy and inspired!

all the pictures taken by me. Happy spring and Happy Easter Everyone 

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