Thursday, April 21, 2011

a little bit of wisdom gone

So today I went to the densist KLOCKAN 13:00. And they fixed a cavity..... was was on the upper left side of my mouth, and then they pulled out that wisdom tooth also.  It is very strange to have teeth pulled when you are fully conscious.  Very strange.  You can hear and feel it as they pull it out, the grinding... but then again, you can't feel anything at all.   

That is the good thing about the dentist, they make your mouth numb... the downside is, it stays numb for a LONG TIME! And don't even get me started about the big bleeding hole in my mouth.  It just won't ever stop bleeding!!!  As I am writing this post about three or more hours since they numbed me I am still numb.  I hate not being able to feel my mouth and lips, haha.

As for easter.... haha what a wonderful easter weekend this will be!  Hello mashed potatos, and icecream.  Anything soft.  And GOODBYE CANDY.  I have decided to say farewell to the amount of candy intake... and reduce it to a small... goodie at the most... once a week!  What?!?! Sigrid... you will never be strong enough to manage!!! Oh I know...... but I WILL TRY!!!!!!
I just don't want anymore holes in my teeth.
Next week they are going to fix another cavity, and then, on the sixteenth of May...the other top wisdom tooth comes out.  I don't even want to start thinking about when and how they are going to take out the lower ones.  But that is for a later date a much later date!

Happy Easter everyone!!
I dont know about you but I think instead of those creepy scary Easter Bunnies that sit in malls for children to take their picture with, we should have Lady Gaga!  Who is with me!

Glad Påsk!
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  1. My mother and I thoroughly enjoyed the dialog you had with yourself. =) and it's different there than in the states.. they put me under for the surgery.. of course it was probably because of the fact that they took out all 4 wisdom teeth at the same time for me. And I'll help you stay away from the sweetnesses of the world if you would like :P cause I am doing the same thing. Saving those moments for special occasions where I'll only eat ONE of whatever's there.. oh it's going to be so difficult.. especially if it's a really good treat. Anywho.. skype me up if you'd like.. I'm here all day =)

  2. @HaleyLove

    I am so with you on that! =) I mean candy once a week is okay... more that two times is out of control! I cant help it though I have such a sweet thooth! I love you!