Sunday, August 28, 2011

Audition weekend #1 : My Fair Lady

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I got done with auditions (for NOW).  And it has been such a great experience for me! The more auditions I go to the better for my future Broadway career! <3 

On Saturday I had my first audition and it went very well, I sang tonight, and they must have thought I was good because I got a call back for vocals! 
So today I went to the call backs and was in a group with maybe five other girls and they made us sing three of Eliza's songs from the musical.  Wouldn't it be loverly (my favorite), I could have danced all night, and Show me.  Then we performed them on stage.  I did pretty good with those too and they I did some cold readings in my cockney Eliza accent.
It seems it was a very successful audition because today I was with the last group of people to leave and they said they will probably need to do second call backs so we will stay posted! I will let you know more about how it goes! 

As for my singing!  It went better and better, the first time nerves can get the best of me but after I am on stage for a bit I just relax more and more.  The only things nerves do to my voice is make it a little more shakey on the long holds. 

Love Sigrid 
Happy four minutes to Monday! 


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you on those call backs! I love the Audrey Hepburn film of My Fair Lady, especially Cecil Beaton's costume designs. It's such a visual feast.