Friday, August 19, 2011

Tonight, tonight

SOOOOO I have picked an audition song! Finally! Well my fabulous new voice teacher Susan helped :)
TONIGHT! From West Side Story!  Simple, clean, and good in range!

Other things that are new with me would have to be my growing and growing obsession with Shirley Jones, every time I see Oklahoma or anything she is in I just love her more! She is stunningly beautiful, can sing like a song bird, and makes me happy!

Photos from Google Images

Other news... Oh I sprained my ankle... really bad... first time in my life.  You'd think me being a dancer and all that it would have happened more but it hasn't! I was dancing at the studio and then I landed wrong and skidded my foot and it curled and popped and all sorts of ugly things!  Its all bruised and ugly and I went to the doctor to get an equally ugly chunky boot to keep me from dying when I walk on it! Perfect timing what with auditions coming up in a week... UGH!!! 

DoNOT feel sorry for me though, I will have none of that! chin up & moving forward to the next topic! 

My new youtube video: 
Made it today!

Happy End of Summer, I dont know about u, but for me school starts on MONDAY! I am nervous! 

Love,  Sigrid

Dancing Singing and Dreaming :)  Minus the dancing with my sprained ankle! 

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