Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"If I can not dance, I shall die!" -Anna Pavlova

I shot the LOVELY Mia the other day and Jamie came along too whining and complaining but I managed to get him to pose for a couple shots as well.   I think they turned out really good!
All Photography is mine, copyright SFP (Sigrid Forsythe Pictures).

As for my fair lady audition call backs and then EVEN second call backs and such... I did NOT get Eliza, however I am in the musical in the ensemble.  I am a little disappointed but at the same time I am very happy how well I did in the auditions and call backs.  I really did my personal best!  And it was a big compliment and honor to be one of the three girls to be seriously considered for such a big lead. Plus being in the ensemble lets me have time to really work on basic vocal techniques as well as DANCE a lot hopefully!   I cant wait to meet all the people in the cast and I am really psyched for a great run!
In all it was a really great first week of college having opportunity to audition for a lead! =)

How are all of you doing?



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  1. You make me feel so proud!! Keep up that great spirit of yours!