Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Billy Elliot the Musical

We were born to booogie! <3 

One of the best scenes <3 

Kylend Hetherington

So the show was amazing! :) we got cheap rush tickets and good seats! <3 I have to say it was everything and more that I had hoped it would be!  I laughed cried and was totally hypnotized by the dancing.  Such a beautiful stage production! And the billy I saw; Kylend Hetherington, was amazing.  He was such a cutie, and he could dance beautifully and sing and act.  I loved him, and I was seriously jealous that he was getting a standing ovation for a lead roll in a Broadway show at the age of thirteen! NO FAIR! But then again he deserves it! Great show! AHHHH GREAT SHOW!!!!!

for those of you who don't know, I am obsessed with broadway musical t-shirts! Every show I have gone to I have a t-shirt for, EXCEPT the littler mermaid, and my first show, Phantom. :'( gonna have to get those. :) Glad to add this one to my collection! <3 

(pictures from google images, and my pics the last two) 


Sigrid, dancing singing and 
dreaming (of broadway even more now)

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