Monday, August 1, 2011

♡ Vows and Rings and Lovely Things ♡

So here are pictures from the lovely couples wedding! The theme was blue and yellow, very Swedish if I do say so myself! And the ceremony was beautiful!  The best part of it was when Taylor the lovely bride sang a song to her husband Sam, that she had written herself. I took photos of it in tears from its beauty.  Such a wonderful song and wedding! Congrats to the Happy Couple!

Ding dong the wedding bells are ringing! 

Love Sigrid


  1. I had forgotten that not only is she beautiful (duh!) but she is talented too! I'm happy for them! Fun that you could go- she must be one of your first friends to get married!

  2. its actually the second! and the first friend of mine i was in the wedding! so this is the first wedding that i have never been in! :)

    :) hehe

  3. This looks like such a beautiful and very personalised wedding.
    Great jumping image of you in the post below too!