Tuesday, October 25, 2011

If I cannot fly, let me sing

So this weekend was Sweeney Todd principal auditions.  I sang Think of Me from Phantom, got called back for sunday.  I rock the Sunday call backs and do my personal best.  Could have done better on the improv but I am proud of myself.  So basically everything should be set? Wrong... 
I am too tall for the part... there are no supporting men that can play opposite me.  So basically bye bye Johanna.  At least I was considered for the roll... like with my fair lady... Too tall for that part too. 
Anyways I did my best and that is all that counts.  Theater is unfair and prejudice so I get it and I am not too sad.  But it would have been such a great roll for me to have! 
Tonight I am auditioning for Chicago... yeah I changed my mind, was NOT planning on auditioning but then I thought what the hay?  I might as well!  It is funny because about a year and a half ago I auditioned for Cats with the same company that is doing Chicago and I hope they notice that I have improved a lot since then.  Since Cats, which was my second musical I had done, I have gotten a lot more experience and my voice is stronger.  We will see how it goes tonight.  
I am singing something from Wicked ... haven't decided what though.

Like the pic? yeah thats me flying on my pink broomstick when I was in New York for Joffrey's summer intensive. My friend Kerri took it. I miss her! And NEW YORK! 

Love Sigrid !!! 

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  1. I love "think of me!!"

    Good luck- hope you get the part! Chicago is SEXAY!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that your height is given as a reason for you not being cast in leading roles. How unfair - especially as I see being tall as a blessing. Continue to be proud of all six foot of your beautiful self.