Monday, October 3, 2011

Romantic Wonderland

all photos taken by me

So what is new with me? A LOT! I have a bunch o rehearsals for my fair lady which is taking up so much of my time.  I have auditions for Sweeney Todd and Chicago coming up.  I just got Phantom Music Vocal book so I am going to pick something from that for Sweeney.  I am obsessed with Tangled.  It is getting worse and worse lol.  My ankle is still really really sore and hurting, and I can't go on releve!

I have had lots of fun in the past week or two, I went to San Francisco with my friend India and her friends, and we celebrated her birthday! It was so much fun.  This past week I stayed at my friend Sophia's house one night and met her mommy which was nice!  Then I stayed at my friend Abby's house.  She has the cutest little baby named Strider! SO CUTE! <3 I have been a busy busy bee!

Hope you all are doing great!

Love Sigrid

dancing singing and dreaming

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  1. Svar: Ja, det är du på rad 3! :) Tack så mycket! <3