Tuesday, September 4, 2012


OKAY !!! all you disney fans like myself out there get a load of this! 
So I went into the disney store today I saw they were marketing a bunch of Cinderella stuff but she didn't look like this: 

 (original Cinderella with a pale blue/silver gown and strawberry blonde hair)

and she didn't look like the later more vibrant version of Cindy: 

(platinum blonde and blue ass dress version)

OH NO NO NO NO NO ... She looked like this.....

.......... HELL TO THE NO DISNEY!!!!!!!

first of all... could they go anymore blonder than the second version...??? um apparently.
second of all... SIDE BANGS??? REALLY DISNEY?? REALLY!?!?
and third off... why does she look like a totally different person!?! her face looks a lot younger and more plasticy than Cinderella's face! And do NOT even get me started on the dress.

So for all my disney fans out there this is for you...

What do you think of New Cindy...?

Cinderella being my character I really don't like what they have done to her... (clearly)
and I think she was just perfect even before transformation to version two...

still love disney like a madman... but what the heck man...


  1. I don't like it either. She looks all slutty, "come hither" and overly made up. Where is the simple, sweet, demure Cindy who stole our hearts? I don't like this at all.

  2. just look at mickey mouse & you know that disney is going downhill....

  3. I hadn't realized Cinderella was almost a ginger or a brunette in the original. She looks like a modern 15 year old's sexed up version of Cinderella.

  4. Men fyy vad irriterande! Hon ser ju ut som en 12 årig slampa.. INTE okej