Thursday, January 13, 2011

2010 the year I discovered musical theater!

This year I discovered my calling for musical theater!  I started out with the wanting to be in my school musical, I got one of the lead parts, Hope Harcourt in Cole Porters "Anything Goes".

Then it moved along to my auditioning for "Cats", and getting the lead dancing roll of Victoria the white cat.

After I was in Cats a friend from the cast asked me to do a quick little roll in her children's theater company in which I played Prince Dauntless in "Once Upon A Mattress".  A fun little extra musical on the side. For the other two shows I wasn't in of Once Upon a Mattress, I spotted for them.  So I learned how to spot and that was fun.

 Lastly, When I moved to Sweden to go to school here, I was in a musical that my class had created and made, "Tvåtusentolv", which translates to "Two Thousand Twelve".

I feel pretty accomplished that for my very first year entering musical theater I managed to squeeze in four different shows, two of which where lead rolls.

pics from anything goes down below, my very fist musical! <3


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