Saturday, January 1, 2011


So today I went to a New Years party of my friends.  She is a totally beautiful and fabulous redhead.  She made it a dress fancy formal party, no drinking no drugs. :) My kinda party!
Anyways so I am not mentioning names but an ex of mine, and ex best friend.. same person.. he wouldn't make eye contact with me the whole effing time.  I am just thinking to myself the whole party like what the hell... can't you move on with your life and like get past the fact that you hate a person.
I mean I had the curtisy to try and be friendly and smile and wish him a happy new year... but not once did I get so much as a look.
So here is the thing. I like closure, I like forgiveness. And I like people who are mature enough to move on in their life and talk about things that upset them, not shut them away and tell everyone else behind my back.

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