Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Get me something smothered in chocolate now!

So you know what grinds my gears!??!?!?!

Watching tv commercials and seeing all of the amazing food... It makes me want to eat like a dozen dove bars! And makes me crave strange foods too!
So anyways... why do commercials do that!  I know! Cuz they want all of America to just sit on their fat butts, eat fast food, and be pigs like in Walle!  They should stop playing so many mouth watering slow motion zoomed in HD food commercials!

Try to avoid:

Eating just because you feel like snacking when you are watching TV. Some people don't even realize that they eat just because they can! So if you do feel hungry, you need to drink water, and eat a piece of fruit, or some nuts! <3

Happy New Year Everyone! this is a pictures of my Christmas eve dinner!

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