Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dream 1-25-11

So last night I had many many dreams.  I never write my dreams in order because I remember things randomly but I will attempt to try it in order.

There was a ocean, and it was very harsh and the waves would apparently rip off your skin if you didn't have like a rubber suit type thing to swim in.  There were two or more other people that were there.  There were jagged cliffs and it was as if there we little caves and there was a little half moon small out cove where we were.  One guy who had stayed in a cave had had two dogs and one of them lay there, dead, and rotting.  My dad told me why the dog was rotting: "because it had eaten some type of rubber think in the water that had made him sick."  The man had tried to save his dog, and tried to get his dog to drink water, but it was salt water so the dog wouldn't get better from it.  Anyways it lay there on the rocks dead...

 I was with my dad, and our dog.  I think it was a hotel type resort because I went inside and it looked like a huge shopping mall, there were many floors and glass everywhere and in the center on the floor was a huge play gym that was colorful.  There was a kids piano on a raised part of the play gym that had slides and strange things attached to it.  I played the piano and just pressing a few keys I was playing like Mozart! It was crazy.  Then my brother came and watched me play a little. 
 Then I feel like this play system was connected to this video game that me and my brother were trying to pass and we were actually in the video game, but I had started the video game at a strange part, and my brother was complaining to me that we had already gone past that part.
Anyways now I am back outside and my dad wants me to walk his dog in the sand. Normally his dog is a bulldog... but in my dream it is a tiny chocolate lab or some thing that resembles it.  So I walk the dog and he runs into the ocean, if I let go somehow I know the dog will escape and die so I can't let go, but then I start drowning.  I have no rubber suit on either, so my skin will most likely get ripped off.  
My dad comes and helps me out of the water with the dog.

Another dream, I have a video camera and it plays for me a scene, it shows me and my brother and my bff Haley in our front yard when we were little, playing on a mini plastic play set with a slide into a mini plastic pool.  Well I want to recreate this video when I am older, so in the dream me as my 18 year old self and my 14 year old brother and 18 year old friend Haley are in the front yard and trying to film the same situation but... well ten years later.  Then there are all of a sudden a lot of people in that front yard.  It seems like some type of party.  And I have this drink in my hands, and I take a sip, I doesn't really seem like anything harmless, but then a large amount of the drink falls out of my mouth and I see it looks like blood.  I quickly look at the cover and well, it is a vampire blood drink that is supposed to look like blood.  I put some on my hand and I go up to my mom who is sitting on the front porch and I say "mom I need help I am bleeding" or something along the lines.  Well she freaks out and actually thinks it is real blood, I say hahaha mom just joking! 

Another dream, keep in mind all of these are in the same night:
I am looking for a store and I go into a strange little nick nack store and I see that they have yarn which I have been looking all over for.. in real life, and I tie a bunch of yarn around my legs and use it as a cast for a supposed injury I have... well anyways both my legs are binded together.
Then I attempt to walk out of this store with BOTH my legs binded together and after a bit I cut off the binding.  So then I walk into this mall that is crazy pretty it is chaotic, so many people in it, but there is snow falling and snow everywhere and tiny little villages all over the mall.  It is crazy! Snow is falling inside, and there are mini rides you can go on and trains and it just looks very christmasy.  So of course I go through all of the paths in the mall and follow them till it leads me outside, then there is this ski lift that takes you up to this hill so you can slide all the way down on your tummy.  I jump on to the ski lift which is moving quite fast and then once I reach the top they let me off where I slide down the snowy hill on my belly, and I slide and slide and slide and slide and slide and slide, it is very long as you can tell.  So once at the bottom, my whole body is bruised from this slide, not only that but I am completely alone, there were people that had been sliding and on the ski lift too, but now I am the only one, I am far away from where I had gotten onto the ski lift, therefore I am lost.  

I am close to a big red cabin house where they are having construction work done, it is snowy, very snowy, I try to climb up this really steep hill that the house is on, right next to a road, as a truck comes.  The hill is so steep that I can barely keep a grip on it.  Then there come these two men who are strangers and unfamiliar and a little creepy too. 

Well I think I am gonna stop there there are more things that happened but it is hard to remember everything. 

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