Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ballet Wednesday #16

A few favorites from the Ballerina Project

I love Ballerina projects photos, me and my friends are going to mimic them and take a bunch of pretty ballet photos in Sonoma soon! :)  In the meantime check out their fbook and their new blog! Happy Wednesday Dancers & Blog readers!

Today I woke up with a really depressing feeling in my heart.  It was awful! The day proceeded with me driving to Santa Rosa and taking a bunch of placement tests all day.  Then I went to Flamenco and cleaned the whole ballet studio that I go to.  It was a lot of work.  And I haven't seen my brother all day either and I wanna see him! Ugh I have a gross feeling in the pit of my stomach....




  1. These images are absolutely marvellous xxx

  2. These are just lovely! Thanks so much for commenting and following my blog, you're super sweet. Following you as well now : ]

  3. Oh, oh, oh - these are so extraordinarily inspiring. Looking forward to seeing your own reinterpretations of some of these images