Tuesday, July 19, 2011

For Just Another Day

So these pics taken by me and my father, the ones of me were taken by my dad and mom, the rest are by me.  I took them on Sunday! July 17, my brothers Birthday <3.  He turned 15 on Sunday.  This was him and the fam at his baseball championship game.  It was a crazy game, a boy got his nose pegged by someone hitting it right into his face.  I am pretty sure it broke and there was blood all OVER the mound! Poor thing, and then my brother pitched right after him.  It was nerve-racking!  Then we went to Cattlemans afterwords which was crazy good!  

It was fun to watch the game and dance around and have fun with mom and dad.  Magnus my brother was also soooo great! I love him so much! He got a bunch of fun stuff for his birthday.

TODAY: I realized that I was ONE DAY LATE to sign up for Junior College Classes and now I am doomed to live in a box for the rest of my life so I am already working on growing a beard...
No but seriously I am so stressed and tomorrow I am getting up at like 6:00 am so I can drive to Santa Rosa and see a counselor.  I should sleep! Wish me luck tomorrow..... ughhhh

<3 Sigrid

<3 dancing singing and dreaming


  1. Du är så vacker ! Men du får allt ta och bättra på ditt nagellack ;) haha

  2. You are having so much fun with your camera and you are so good at taking lovely shots. You are also good at being photographed!

    Hope Magnus had a happy birthday and that the other boy was ok!

  3. god i love your pictures :D
    your blog is amazing
    we'll follow! follow us back??