Monday, July 11, 2011

Sweden Details

I love paying attention to tiny details.  Or when you are in the car and look out the window and see something new about a place you have driven past countless times.  These are just a few photos that I took in Sweden, when I saw something that was special a tiny detail maybe, or something that just was calling for the camera to take its photo and preserve it forever.


Love Sigrid


  1. These are beautiful photos! I find details so much more interesting than the whole sometimes. Thought I'd let you know I just got back from NYC and took my favorite ballet classes again and danced next to some ballet "stars" that I often run into over there! Happy summer!

  2. Those photos are magazine worthy!

    The bails of hay in the white plastic always remind me of marshmallows :-)

  3. absolutely great photos!! loved them! thanks for your comment! would you like to follow each other??