Saturday, July 2, 2011

Beautiful Dreamer

Emma is stunning.. no?? I love her so much and I think she is so beautiful with her short hair now.  It really shows a different side of her, the more daring and mature side.  (She also exudes a strong Twiggy vibe with the short hair!) Photos found on google images, most photos from her photo shoot with teen vogue and Bazaar. Also Emma has the most perfect eye brows ever! Am I right or am I right?  She is so classically just gorgeous, with her lovely soft eyes and frail jaw and lips.  She is pretty close to perfect that Emma ! =) Jealous!


Who is excited for the FINAL HARRY POTTER!!!????!!!!?????!!!!!
I cant believe that it is almost over!

Love Sigrid
dancing, singing, and dreaming forever!

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  1. Emma Watson looks great in these photos. No Hermione Granger at all! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. xxx