Monday, December 27, 2010

GAGA inspiration

So I know a lot of people always say they hate lady GaGa... and when she first emerged and I knew nothing really about her, I would always make fun of her too.  But my feelings for this famous popstar have completely changed to the opposite.
I love her, I am inspired by her.  Everyone says she is a man, and she is not beautiful and that she is crazy and attention seeking, and that she shouldn't be famous.  I think that she is a beautiful woman, not drop dead gorgeous... but pretty average.  She IS NOT a man!
SO what made you change your view of GaGa Sigrid??
Well... I saw her youtube video, trying to repeal the don't ask don't tell law, she was standing up for gay rights and stating her opinions, on youtube, so the whole world could see it! Ballsy if you ask me.  And when she spoke about don't ask don't tell, she was so passionate, she wanted change and she spoke from her heart.  I love when people use their ridiculous amount of fame for good.  It is just so refreshing.
her music.....
GaGa's is definitely not loved by all but she writes it and some of her songs really have deeper meanings or reasons behind them.  Like she wrote a song about her dad and how he would never listen to her or something, it just makes me realize how strong she is, people don't think about what she has had to go through in her life... they are too quick to realize that she is just another person. 
her fashion style....
This is probably one of the biggest and most talked about things, is GaGa's clothing style.  She dresses in outrageous clothing because when she was in school kids teased her that she dressed weird and was strange.  Now she dresses crazy to show her fans that they can do it to and shouldn't care what other people think.  Lady GaGa just wants people to look up to her and not be afraid to be themselves!

I think GaGa rocks.  Keep being yourself Lady GaGa and don't let any hate comments bring you down. 

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