Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So today I got up ate breakfast, went online. Then went to school.  At school I had choir and then went to ensemble song with two of my best buddies here in Sweden. Olle och Vickan. They are so funny.OH and sweet! Anyways after that we went to McDonalds. I don't think I have eaten there in like ... Forever! But I just got some fries, cuz I am a vegetarian. Then Olle had to go to his Jul Show so Vickan and I went shopping for xmas presents to Olle and Stina, and other people. <3 It was nice to go shopping in town and not be alone, although I do usually prefer to shop alone. Haha, cuz I take so long! Then I went and bought my mom some lipgloss that she wanted me to get for her! OH on my way to the bus, I bumped into Sophia B. She was so perky and happy that it just rubbed off on me! Such a cutie! She was on her way to the same place as Vickan, to rehearsal for Lucia. (A swedish holiday/tradition).
Here are some pictures of the people that I mentioned in this post! <3 Amazing Swedes!

Me and Olle, then Me and Vickan, then Vickan with her amazing glasses on, then Sophia putting her stage makeup on for our show which I will do a post on soon! And then more of Olle being adorable!


  1. Ihihi! You're the one being adorable, if you haven't noticed! ;) BTW you're my BESTbestBEst american buddy :D <3

  2. haha more like your only american buddy olle. haha but i still love u.