Sunday, December 12, 2010


So I had my musical premier in Sweden on Friday December 3rd. We had two shows that day.  One for our school. And then a night show where anyone could buy tickets, but mostly family and friends were there.  It went... KANON! which means good. I sang "No Good Deed" from Wicked.  I thought I sang okay, but then I watched it back and I was less than pleased, more like... really disappointed.  Strengthening my voice is on my to do list.  Otherwise everyone did really great, and it was such a fun experience.

My character:  Harriet, a crazy lady who has no one but her family of pine cones, that she has collected over the years, made clothes for, and named.  Harriet is half American and half Swedish.  She moved to Sweden when she was 26 because she is paranoid that there would be chaos with the economy and politics.  Her favorite pine cone is Oskar. He is always right, and is like a psychic pine cone.  Harriet is socially awkward, and has trouble talking to people, and expressing her feelings.  She has a temper problem and gets angry fairly quickly. She nurses her pine cones; Kotti, Kotta, Kut Plut, Kotte, and Oskar.

here are some pics of me in the musical:

OH and also this was my first time being in a musical where I got to use a mike. I felt so cool the first time I put it on. Everyone else was so used to it, I am a nerd.
Here are some pictures of some other people in the musical. :)



  1. hehe thanks! and if you love theater stick around becuz one day i am going to make it onto broadway that is what i am hoping ! :)