Sunday, December 19, 2010

How To Help an Anorexic/Bulimic

Do you know someone who you think has an eating disorder?
Do you know someone who has told you they have an eating disorder?

If the answers to these questions are yes; here is what you do...

1.    Talk to them. I know it is a touchy subject but try to get them to talk about how they feel about it.  Try to get them to tell you when it started and how many people know.

2.    Ask them how they feel about getting help.

3.    Talk to your doctor and ask how you can help your friend.  

4.    Suggest to your friend to tell someone, like their doctor or parents.

5.    If they say no!  Tell your parent or the persons parent about the situation.

It is important to get help and tell other people if you know someone with an eating disorder, because they are fatal.  And it is the most deadly mental disease.  If someone you care about has an eating disorder, I want you to talk to them and follow these steps.   Because they may be mad at you, and you may ruin your friendship by telling someone and not keeping their secret... but in the end if you can save a life, it doesn't matter.
<3 I wish you all luck.


  1. Great advice Sigrid. I'm sure that this post will reach out to someone who needs it.

  2. hopefully i dont think there are people that really read this blog though haha