Friday, December 10, 2010

My First Ballet Post

It's not that dance isn't a real big thing here in Norköpping, Sweden... It's just well ballet isn't big here... AT ALL! So basically I havn't gotten a good ballet class in months. MONTHS! I am starting to go insane... but what else is new? I miss being challenged in ballet class, getting corrections! getting corrections! I wrote that twice cuz it was important.
Anyways I am coming home to Cali for Christmas, my plane leaves the 17th, and I am hopeing sometime over the break I can driving into SF and take a drop in class or two. Ah how nice that would be, but at the same time not because I am Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo so so so out of shape that it is hardly funny. I don't have any stamina and I don't have half as much strength as I used to, wow I feel like an old lady. Anyways that was my ballet update. Oh not to mention I pulled a muscle in my back which is why I havn't danced like more than one time this week. On monday I had jazz for an hour. That was not enough to satisfy my dancing needs =( whoe is me!!

here are some amazing ballet pictures of dancers who I think are stunning.

PICTURED, Jacoby and Pronk ( I have danced with Drew Jacoby), Angel Corella, the most handsome ballet dancer alive. Gillian Murphy, Herman Cornejo, I have seen him in Don Q.  Ethan Stiefal, and of course Alessandra Ferri. Alina somova too who I have seen in Bayadare.


  1. Oh NO! I had a bad back about two weeks ago that had me unable to do ANY training for A FULL WEEK! I hope you get better soon!

  2. thanks. and yeah it is still hurting! IT sucks!

  3. Oh my!!!!!!! These are beautiful! Seriously just stunning... I hope you get better so you can dance again xo

  4. thanks! my back is felling a tad better now!