Monday, June 13, 2011

At Peace

Today I biked home it was probably about 2:30 in the morning here in Sweden. Because it is summertime in Sweden the darkest color of the sky is a deep beautiful blue at night.  As I was biking in the street I saw a cat that fast walked across the street.   (You know when cats aren't technically running, but their feet are moving really fast as they walk.)  I started biking down the street it was on,  it walkedran on the sidewalk and I biked in the street. 
 It contemplated just leaving me but didn't. We were parallel each other by this time, sidewalk and street a good 7 or 8 feet away.  I would bike and it would fast walk on the other side of the street even with my bike.  There would be parked cars that made it so that I would only see the cat parallel with me between the gaps.  
After we made it all the way down the street I had inched closer and closer with my bike trying to get so close that I could hop off and pet it.  The kitty ran into the barren street and I meowed at it to come back (cuz I speak cat for those of you who didn't know ;)  The sweet kitty responded with a meow and rolled on it's back but as I inched closer it started to leave.  I could tell it probably wanted to be pet, but it didn't know or trust me all too well so I never got to pet it.

There is something about Sweden at three o' clock in the morning that makes me fall in love with this place all over again.  The fresh air, the dim pale blue shaded sky, and the birds chattering and talking to each other.
When it is three at night I usually observe everything more... it is like I am looking at everything from a different set of eyes.  I take in all of my surroundings better. So when I got home and pulled up to my street on my bike, I stopped for a second because a bird nearby was chirping all symphony of assorted chirps and then I heard another bird answer it's call.  It was hard to hear just these two birds talking to each other because there were many other birds talking and singing and such.  But these two birds caught my attention with their distinct chirp and how it was never the same but had some patterns to it.
I could have stood there for hours just listening to these two birds talk.  Nature is breathtaking. 

I love this photo I took that was almost an accident as I was sitting in the car on the way home from the country house.  I was playing with aperture settings and such, but I didnt even realize there was a horse there.  I love the motion of the grass and the stillness of the horse.  

P. S.
All photography is mine unless stated otherwise!