Monday, June 6, 2011

One of those days........

So today has gone from good to bad to worse.... And I hate days like today.

It starts out with me getting up early with mormor and going out to the country house. Then we were going to go get ice cream but we didn't have time to stop cuz the fairy was there we were going to drive onto, so no ice cream for Sigrid (sign numero uno that it could get ugly). Then we drove and drove and drove down the windy country roads and finally got home. When we got home I was beyond hungry (hungry Sigrid=Bitch) so my grandma started making lunch. It took more than an hour for her to make lunch, actually I'm pretty sure it took like 2½ hours.  By the time we ate I was so agrivated, and soooo hungry.   After lunch I went on the computer and kept on typing my reports I need to get done like NOW, and then.... I realized that my pink little Swedish phone that I have grown to love... is gone. I seriously look everywhere... it's just mysteriously gone. FRACK! I hate this. (missing technology= suicidal Sigrid) yeah so I then went on a run and tried to release my stress.  Then I biked into town to return my ball gown that is too small for me and has been causing me to diet.. and ALL THE STORES WERE CLOSED... it's like National Swedish Day, so yeah... I biked to town for nothing!!!!

I just hate days like today... I just get agrivated and more agrivated and then I burst!
It is days like today where I need a little assuance that I have good friends and family support.

I still don't know where my phone could be.... it is probably on that damn fairy all the way in Stegeborg. fudge.......

okay I am going to go now.
If you have gotten this far and can sypathise with me on having days like these please leave a comment.
And I am not asking for  for people to be sorry for me, I just needed to let out my anger and stress on here!

Love, Sigrid

dancing singing and dreaming of a better day tomorrow.....

actractive right?????

listening to: lady gagas new album born this way!!!  

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  1. I know how you feel.. thats how two days ago was for me.. this is how it was:

    "I hate mornings unless they are with you. My brother knows it bugs me when he jumps on me and says that I need to say something in order for him to get off. He KNOWS that f*cking pisses me off!! I hate being around my little brother because the only thing that he ever does is make me angry and finds little ways to annoy me. It really doesn't help than I barely slept at all last night either. I had to stay up waiting for the little brat to come back to the room so I could open the door for him cause he decided to go out with Marty to an arcade in another casino and THEN decided that he was going to make some money rubbing my aunt Toni's feet for a freaking half hour. I ended up falling asleep past one in the morning and then waking up at three because I was overheating in this flipping room WHICH HAS AIR CONDITIONING THAT DOES NOT GO BELOW FREAKING 75 DEGREES!!!!!!!! I was roasting all night long and had horrific dreams about my bro jacking off into and onto my possessions. Talk about disgusting. And that dream already had me in a sour mood. Now I'm really mad.. I am so mad that I am going without food this morning because my brother has completely ruined my appetite and just the mere sight of him will probably do that to me for the rest of the day. I just wish my brother would learn that the reason I get so pissed off at him all the time is because he doesn't do anything other than annoy me. And what really pisses me off is that he knows that he is annoying me and does it anyways!! Dx god I just want to scream and kick him in the balls repeatedly until he swears he won't pull any shit on me ever again!!!"

    So I know how you feel.. and that day just kept getting worse and worse.. after that there wasn't any conditioner in the hotel (I mean the whole freaking hotel) so that sucked. So then I got out of the shower, and decided to get into my dirndl cause of the fact that I was at the Reno Eurofest. Turns out I'm too fat to fit into it now.. I felt like crying in a desolate corner by that point. But wait! There's more! My phone froze for about 2 hours and wouldn't restart or anything. I got it to restart at some point, but I ended up restarting it at least 3 more times throughout my morning. Can you say "le suck"? .. Yeah, I know how you feel.