Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A little bit of sunshine in my life

(All photography is mine, besides the last pic, taken by Olle)
When my dad was here for a whole week or so we went to the country house my family has in Sweden. 
When I went to sit down at the table there and draw something was under the chair, and it was a bee... or hornet maybe it's called... the size of china.  It was so huge like as big as my thumb! 
In swedish it is called a båljeting or something like that!
It was scary big!  
We took a nice walk down to the docks where I stood there and soaked up the wind and the smell of Swedish lake water. My life is so hectic right now! I finished the musical... more pics coming! And I am graduating soon! again.. haha! 

<3 Sigrid <3

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