Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ballet Wednesday #15

The first is a photo i found online somewhere and it was amazing! So I took a pic, and the second was in a dance magazine =) its amazing! Can you guys guess who it is?? =)

Love Sigrid 

I am safe and sound in the US... but unfortunately I have come down with a horrid cold!  I had it on the plane and it made my ears clog up so much! They are still clogged!!!! It is crazy!  I HATE being sick!

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  1. Michail Barysjnikov (Annie Leibowitz photo) a.k.a Alexandr från Sex and the City som vi mugglare mer känner till honom som. Såg Leibowitz utställningen i Stockholm i höstas =)

    Vad roligt att höra att du kom tillbaka safe and sound Sigrid. Du verkar ha haft en härlig tid här trots att du saknat dansen. KRAM!