Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Road To No Where

Swedish summer out in the counrty.  Mormor is feeling better.  This was last week when mom was here.   Now she is back in Sonoma!  I am going home on tuesday..... =( and =)

Swedish summers are the best.  Green beautiful and we get to pick smultrån. =) like mini strawberries, but they dont taste like strawberries! They are sweeter!

I need to keep packing! God I have so many things that I need to take home I dont know how to fit all of my STUFF in just three or so bags!

Mormor is coming home tomorrow.  I hope she will be okay and not stress to much about everything and relax and just take care of herself.  She is talking normally and doing much better.  She is going to get one of those nifty little bands so if she has an emergency or falls then she can press it and get help.

I am watching the movie High Fidelity right now.  The main guy in the movie reminds me of my dad when he was younger.  In fact I am sure my dad would have been great in the film!

Sigrid <3

dancing singing and dreaming!

Now some pictures from another trip to the country house a three weeks back or so:
All pics are by me =)


  1. So fun for me to see b/c I've actually been on those roads and to that summer house on countless occasions.

    Your mom and Stina look gorgeous, and of course you do too. So glad she's better. Hugs to her please!!