Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ball Favorites

Okay so EVERYONE was gorgeous at the Ball this year.  But I have to just post the winners of my categories; Best Dress, Best Hair, Best All Around, and Best Pair. 

Best Dress

Cerefie wins best dress for many reasons, one because it is crazy fusha pink, which I love.  Two because it was hand made for her by her grandma.  And three because it was the one dress that really stood out the most and not everyone would have been able to pull it off, only Cerefie because she is amazing. There were so many intricate details and little rosettes and diamonds on it, that I wish I had a better picture of it because it was so stunning in person!  She also had a cute matching drawstring bag! <3

Sophia's blue dress with Diamonds and a one shoulder strap wins a close second! So Beautiful! 

Best Hair
Lina definitly had the most intricate and beautiful hair at the ball! I loved it so much.  I want her hair, it is the perfect color and the perfect length <3 She was so stunning! 

Best All Around
Lydia is Best all around because she has the best hair the best dress everything was perfect and she looked like a million bucks. Super classy! <3 If there was a Ball king and queen her and her boyfriend would have won for sure. <33

Best Pair

Johannes and Erika were the best pair.  Hannes looked super sharp and dashing in all black and Erika was gorgeous in her red dress with a sheer black over lay that made it look wine red.  They win best couple because they are a real couple and they are adorable.

These two come in a close second for best pair

The Ball was alot of fun. And for the record everyone was less the amazing looking.  These were just a few personal favs! <3  If I had time I would put everyone in a category! 

Love Sigrid
dancing, singing and dreaming... and partying it up this week cuz im graduating soon!!! (again)

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